24 June 2015

Idox Transport is constantly innovating ways in which to help our Authority partners reduce their workload and potentially save revenue. Further extending this commitment, Idox Transport has introduced an electronic process that permits third party contractors to register Temporary Traffic Signals applications online.

The entire application and approval cycle is carried out electronically replacing the conventional pen and paper approach that is expensive and time consuming.

The process enables registered third party contractors to apply for temporary roadworks via easy online forms. The form has compulsory static fields that need to be completed by the contractor before it can be submitted (dependent on requirement) and all the data entered is quality checked to ensure all mandatory fields are populated with valid data before processing.

On submitting the application, a PDF of the application form, pre-filled with all necessary information is instantly sent to all concerned for acceptance (or otherwise) of the application. Once approved or rejected, a notification email is sent to the contractor to inform him/her of their application status.

Each application has unique ID number displayed to the user on completion..

The online form is available through password protected webpages within the application. Each user (or utility, etc.) has a unique username and password to ensure that all the transactions are auditable.

Key benefits of the process
• Eliminates the use of paper, faxes, phone calls, etc.
• Requires minimum manual intervention
• Ensures that all transactions are auditable
• Minimises timescales for application approval
• Reduces operational cost due to reduced timescales
• Ensures only valid information is processed
• Allows to filter and view any number of applications and export these to Excel
• Publishes accepted application on Voyager

Key features of the process
• A simple wizard based process to submit applications online
• All mandatory form fields ensure acceptance of valid data only
• New applications are instantly notified via email to the team for approval or rejection
• All applications can be exported to Excel using filter options (approved, rejected, pending, weekly, monthly, etc.)
• An optional gazetteer allows a contractor to quickly enter the location of their works

Implementation of this module ensures that the entire application and approval is as quick and smooth as possible for contractors as well as council officers whilst ensuring that only genuine applications are processed.

To find out more about Temporary Traffic Signals, Download PDF. 

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