06 July 2015

Idox Transport announced the launch of latest versions of Juno, Icarus, Strategy Manager and Admin. This launch is aimed at enhancing the robustness of Idox Transport's products deployed across different geographies and at the same time, offer intelligent traffic solutions to the road network authorities and fleet operators.

All the products' functionalities have been carefully enhanced that would help to eliminate impediments restricting co-ordinated intelligence within an authority and between authorities across different road networks. The best part about the rollouts is that most of the new features significantly slash operational expenses, offer strategic control and help to streamline daily operations.

Idox Transport has been experiencing unprecedented success across more than 40 authorities, but continues to invest in releases of all its products to improve their functionality and performance. Following is the list of enhanced features in all of the aforementioned products.

Juno is an adaptive control platform for real time traffic signals that allows operators of the scheme to monitor, manage and set strategies in line with their requirements. It facilitates the implementation of 3rd party and bespoke algorithms in real time to curb the growing congestion problems having a wider impact on road users and the economy.

What's new?
• Integration with Strategy Manager
• DAIP Signal Priority
• Signal Priority Throttling
• SCATS Integration

Icarus is a fully-integrated web-based solution capable of broadcasting vehicle and traffic information in real-time. It deeply integrates in real time with traffic information to provide true predictions and enhanced vehicles' management. In addition to the combination of historic transit times along route sections by time of day, timetabled journey times and the transit times of vehicles that have recently travelled along that route section, Icarus is capable of bringing all of the network information from an integrated traffic network system.

What's new?
• Display Integration
• Closure & Diversion
• System Events
• Replay History
• Manage Journey / Trip
• Map View
• Message Template
• Duty Board Overview
• Running Board Plugin
• NPTG List

Strategy Manager
Strategy Manager is a one of its kind solution from Idox Transport that empowers a user to create unlimited strategies and triggers, to manage disrupting traffic volumes, large numbers of vehicles and travellers whilst support broader economic, environmental goals. It is a new venture with unrivalled build quality and performance that simplifies decision making, helps traffic operators to be more proactive during congestion, increases situational awareness, takes coordinated response actions, etc.

Strategy Manager allows the user to:
• Set strategic plans based on all the data within the database
• Create unlimited strategies and triggers
• Test strategies before deploying them live
• Automatically trigger alerts (Email, SMS, Sound, etc.) for faults reported above a certain configured threshold.
• Implement any number of commands to any or many sub systems based on one or many conditions
• Choose any number of days and time periods for a strategy to be applicable
• Track any strategy's version history and logs created to provide full-audit trial
• Easily troubleshoot live issues (hint via simulator)
• Maintain strategy versions to view and revert to the previous version
• Log all activities to trace strategies for any unwanted scenarios
• Handle a large number of requests from different domains
• Simply drag and drop objects, events and actions on the main screen
• Create multiple rules and rate them

Admin is a centralised user and roles management system that enables the administrator to provide access rights to the users on county level, operator level and so on.

What's new?
Admin system now makes integrated management of user and roles possible through a single application. The tenant module has been enhanced to fit the needs of different tenants. It enables tenant operators to customise the module based on their preferences for a highly personalised user experience. Tenants, if needed, can also opt for shared data access with other tenants.

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