Idox Transport has been successfully serving the travel and transport industry with innovative solutions for some considerable years. In a recent announcement, Idox Transport launched Icarus – RTI for public transport operators that takes real time to the next level through deep integration of real-time vehicle information with traffic information.

Icarus is a robust web-based solution that populates key network information including accidents, incidents, events, journey times and other traffic data directly from UTMC for dynamic predictions. It deeply integrates with real time traffic information from ANPR, detectors, BlueTooth, TomTom, and all other data sources to present a holistic view of the network that helps to detect scenarios which are likely to have a major impact on bus / tram service, in order to be acted upon immediately.

With the help of Icarus, route network controllers, depot managers and vehicle operators can access vehicle information in real time anywhere anytime through internet-enabled computers or mobiles.

Icarus enables operators to schedule services in accordance with planned and current traffic conditions, to take into account current passenger journey behaviour and optimise operations using the neural network algorithms (a form of artificial intelligence) and closed loop engineering techniques. Using this technique with real time vehicle information, operators are able to improve their key performance indicators over a very short period of time.

The design and architecture of the Icarus system has been implemented in modular fashion using the latest web technologies that enables users access to the information they need. As a result there are no special hardware requirements and new features can be added at the press of a button.

In addition to promoting coordinated intelligence between drivers and operator to improve efficiency and reduce operational expenses, there are many other benefits. The use of Icarus – RTI,

  • Offers a more flexible and cost effective communication architecture
  • Improves operations and profitability with anywhere anytime access to information 
  • Simplified and automated configuration process reduces cost across the board
  • Holistic view of network at the fingertips offer strategic control for informed decision making 
  • Timely communication helps to enhance customer experience and patronage
  • Tried and tested components embedded in the architecture delivers rich functionality to support business as usual whilst still delivering desired process improvements
  • Open standards and service broker maximises reuse of components and services to reduce cost

The key operational improvement features of Icarus include; its ability to deeply integrate with data sources, maintain log of all forms of communication, dynamically predict journey times, show vehicle-centric view with key network information, etc.,

Idox Transport’s Icarus – RTI is a vital measure to exploit the available data sources to drive intelligence and slash operational expenses across the board. 

To know more about the features and benefits of the Icarus - RTI, Download PDF.

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