12 January 2015

Idox Transport has been gaining significant traction in the market for its wide range of innovative products. It has been consistently growing by winning new contracts, successfully implementing solutions for different clients and updating its range of products with improvements and additional features. However, most of the times, key developments of the interest of clients and other transport domain enthusiasts go unnoticed. From now on, to bridge this gap and strengthen communication with its customers, Idox Transport will be releasing a monthly newsletter comprising the latest technology developments in Idox Transport's product family and product implementations across different geographies.

Highlights of Issue 1

Contracts Awarded

• Cumbria - A new client for Argonaut with Strategy Manager and VMS Management Module

• Traffic Wales - Upgrade to Argonaut that includes Speed Limit Public Consultation Module

• International - Upgrade to Icarus Globalisation & Bus Idle Time Monitoring

• Suffolk County Council - Upgrade to Icarus to include new TFT displays in Lowestoft Bus Station, Bury St. Edmunds & Midenhall

• Bristol City Council - Upgrade to Argonaut's Adaptor Car Park Interfaces to include 2 new car park operators

Product Successfully Deployed

• Bracknell Forest Council - New Icarus implementation of 100 vehicles with 2 major operators and Prometius SIRI feeds to multiple third parties

• East Riding Council - New Argonaut implementation across the area with the Strategy Manager and VMS Management controlling 12 displays

• Hertfordshire County Council - Upgrade of one of the Argonaut's adaptors incorporating TomTom data and Control Room Log

• Oxfordshire County Council - Upgrade to Voyager, including gritter snail tails

• Bristol City Council - Upgrade of Argonaut's adaptors to include two new car park systems to third parties.

• Worcestershire County Council - Upgrade to Argonaut to include support for tablet and mobile phones natively

• West Midlands Combined Authority - New Argonaut implementation across 6 authorities including Strategy Manager, Historical Reports and VMS Management of 200 displays

New Features and Enhancements


• Four new features with one enhancement


• Eight new features added with four enhancements


• One new feature added with seven enhancements


• Three new features added with three enhancements

Other key product releases Incident Detection Solution (Argonaut) - A Smart solution to detect and manage incidents on highways, rural and city centre roads.

Signal Priority Solution (Juno) - A comprehensive solution to eliminate deadlock situations, signal crashes and extended delays on road networks.

Journey Times Engine (Argonaut) - A dynamic journey planner to plan journeys and find best routes quickly and easily.

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For queries on products, enhancements or features, please contact:

Richard Thurbin, Product Director, Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 704 145