16 December 2014

Idox Transport has been developing key traffic management solutions to overtake the growing impediments on road networks. In the quest to further address road network disruptions, Idox Transport has released the Journey Times Engine (JTE).

Journey Times Engine is a comprehensive, dynamic and an intelligent journey planner that helps road network controllers to calculate journey times and speed for all roads within the network.With the help of JTE, road network controllers can draw infinitely flexible transport routes and predict journey time and speed of the routes based on the historic data, current road events and real time traffic updates from trusted data sources.

JTE counts on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and any available detectors and other relevant data sources to calculate the complete journey time and average speed.

JTE's core strengths, Data Filtering and Data Smoothing barricades the noise from the received data and only puts-through the data that matters.

The success of JTE largely depends on its ability to:

• Classify data from multiple sources (ANPR, AVL, SCOOT, etc.)

• Filter data from most trusted data sources (ANPR, MIDAS, etc.)

• Perform trend analysis of historical & present data for predicting journey time & speed

• Allow the user to configure the weightage of data sources

• Predict journey time & speed based on roadwork event, disruptions, etc.

• Display warnings (slight, moderate, severe, impossible)

• Identify congestion severity thresholds

• Allow the administrator to alter delay value based on the severity

• Display journey impact summary within map pop-ups, etc.,

JTE provides the best value for existing infrastructure. It does not require extensive technical knowledge to operate, and it strictly adheres to the Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) standards. In addition, it is secure, flexible and reliable.

JTE is a much-needed motivation for network controllers who are bludgeoned with road network data that only drives them to hit a wall.

To know more about the features and benefits of the Journey Times Engine, Download PDF.

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