01 October 2012

The Icarus RTPI solution went operational across Oxfordshire County as part of the seamless transition to a new system.

Icarus is delivering live tracking, predictions and adherence reporting of the bus vehicle fleets across Stagecoach Oxford and Oxford Bus Company, initially covering around 350 vehicles.

In addition to this, in excess of 250 on-street displays have been refurbished and website and mobile Apps have been provisioned to provide real time bus predictions to the general public.

A key aspect of the new solution is the integration into the Oxfordshire Traffic Management system (UTMC) in order that bus predictions are based on live traffic conditions. Traditional RTPI solutions have based their predictions on historical journey's rather than live conditions. As a result, this is an industry first.

Overall the new system will provide greater accuracy for bus arrivals and provide a new level of confidence about current services to the bus operators running their fleets as well as the general public.