08 September 2011

The Idox Transport winter maintenance feature allows Authorities to track gritters and publish gritted routes in real time to the public. Optional features also allow the public to report empty salt bins to the Authority and for planned gritting routes to be published too. Some of the features include -

  • The public, hauliers, emergency services can see in real time those routes gritted in the last hour, 4 hours, 8 hours or any other time period in the Voyager travel portal.
  • Authorities can see in real time the location of their gritters and their status, ignition on, ignition off, gritting, operator, vehicle VRN/reference, driver etc.
  • Authorities can choose to view the routes gritted in the last minute, 22 minutes... or any other period of time they choose.
  • Any gritter - or other vehicle - can be tracked using existing tracking equipment or Idox Transport supplied tracking equipment.

"Fortunately, it is not too late to integrate this feature in to other systems" commented Mike Wells, Idox Transports Operations Director. Mike continued "using our rapid development techniques and simple deployment options, we are still able to take orders for the Winter Maintenance product. This even includes integrating with existing 3rd parties or supplying new tracking equipment."