02 September 2011

Idox Transport has added a non-erasable audit trail feature to the Argonaut product family. Integrated in to all elements of Argonaut, the audit trail logs all changes made to any aspect of the system and records all commands sent. The comprehensive audit trail includes time, date, device changed, user name, etc. These can be retained for a configurable period of time or indefinitely. This allows anyone to see who changed what and when. All data can be reported on, printed, queried and analysed as required.

Adrian Goodwin, who was responsible for the release, explained some of the new features; "This new version of Argonaut records all user actions, all automatic decisions within the Strategy Manager, communications with public facing outstation equipment. We are really excited about this implementation and have tried our best to make it easy to use with full drop down filters on users and objects as well as the logging which includes date, time, user, action and all associated data."

Richard Thurbin, Idox Transport's technical guru went on to explain; "These new features enable authorities to carry out reconstructions and lessons learnt, allows future analysis and preventative measure. In addition savings can be made by reducing the time spent on freedom of information requests".